Website under construction

Hey there, design enthusiasts! TK Design Interiors is currently in a state of blissful chaos as we revamp our website – and trust us, it's going to be more fabulous than finding that perfect shade of paint.

Our team of interior experts decided it's high time we give our online home a fresh coat of digital paint, a few fancy trims (just like our skirting boards and architraves), and a sprinkle of web wizardry. So, while our virtual sledgehammers are swinging, feel free to reach out to us the old-school way – via email at info@tkdesigninteriors.ie or by phone at +353 85 101 4115. Our blinds are still as sleek as ever, our skirting boards are standing tall, and our architraves are as architectural as ever. They're just enjoying this brief siesta as we make our website even more fantastic for you. Thank you for your patience, and remember, we promise not to decorate your inbox with construction dust! Stay tuned for our grand virtual reopening soon.

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